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Tech Check Workbook (for Parents)


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“Mum, can I have 2FA on my Xbox?” 

“Dad, did you get that verification code?”

“Can I get Snapchat?”

Does this sound like another language to anybody else?!  When your kids get started on devices, it’s easy to get left behind. You need the Tech Check Workbook. It takes you through the steps to DETECT and RESTRICT risks. Pop some wine in the chiller and print out your copy today!

The Tech Check Workbook is totally methodical.

No need to scrabble around for step-by-step parental control downloads. We’ve gathered resources to make every step easy. 

No need to tackle it all at once. Take it one game, app, or website at a time!

No need to worry about your kids’ online activities anymore. When you’ve finished, you’ll have a permanent list of the parental controls that you’ve installed on each app – ready to review in a year or two. 

What’s inside the Tech Check Workbook? 
The Tech Check Workbook is suitable for parents of any child who has started using a device.  You’ll use it to: 

  • Stock-take your household devices
  • Compile a list of the apps and sites that your child uses
  • Check for inbuilt controls
  • Find and install suitable parental controls

Prepared with care
The Tech Check Workbook has been produced by Cath, our in-house health expert who also happens to be a technical wizard!  She’s rounded up brilliant resources to enable you to tackle this topic without becoming overwhelmed. It’s a big one. But you’ve got this!

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Suitable for kids aged 3-18 years

✔️ Downloadable workbook

✔️ Instant access

✔️ Read

✔️ Print

✔️ Fillable PDF

✔️ 5 minute explainer video

✔️ BONUS ongoing support and space to share in my customer-only Facebook group.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

How do I use this WorkBook?

To use this Tech Check Workbook, follow these simple steps:

1. Print it out (or use the fillable version on a tablet of your computer).

2. Set aside some dedicated time to sit down with your partner and go through it together.

3. Stocktake your household devices.

4. Compile a list of the apps and sites that your child uses.

5. Make your device and apps safe.

Will I have to pay for parent control software?

No, you don't have to pay for parent control software unless you want to. I do talk about them inside the Workbook, but the focus is on doing it the free way.

My child has already been exposed to explicit material online. Can this workbook still help us?

Absolutely! This Workbook is perfect for parents in this unfortunate situation, as it will help you to make porn inaccessible. It'll help you identify the many different ways your children access the internet in your family home, so that you can then make them safe and secure.

I'm not very tech-savvy; will I struggle with using the Tech Check Workbook?

Don't worry if technology isn't your strong suit, as this resource is designed for parents who still need to ask their kids to turn on their smart TV (like me)! And when it gets techy, you'll be pointed towards free resources that will walk you through the techy steps. But regardless of your level of tech expertise, I believe that every parent will find this Workbook helpful.

❓  Is the Tech Check Workbook a one-time use resource?

Not at all! The Tech Check Workbook is designed to be an ongoing tool for parents as their children continue to grow and explore the digital world. Feel free to revisit it whenever you feel the need or when new concerns arise. It's meant to support you throughout your child's online journey.

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