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Your Body: An Illustrated Guide for Kids


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You are the best person to decide how much information your child needs right now. So here’s a set of child-friendly pictures to support your personalised conversations about bodies (including penises and vaginas) and sex.

Finding sex ed resources is tricky. Some diagrams are difficult to follow, and some books have waaaaay too much detail. Set your own course, using this collection of illustrations as a helpful prop. They show diverse naked bodies as well as the ‘insides’, and they’ll support your explanations for children from age 3 and up.

Instead of leaving them to examine their own body parts (or someone else’s), initiate conversation and give your child the facts. Download and select the pictures you need right now – and save some for later. 

This resource includes:

  • 33 anatomically correct illustrations that are diversity-friendly and representative of children of all abilities.
  • Simplistic to detailed illustrations of the genitals so you can give your child the right amount of information for them.
  • Labelled illustrations so you don’t need to worry about memorising the names of every individual part.
  • Child-friendly definitions so you can describe the individual parts to your child if they’re curious.
  • Detailed Parent Guide with suggestions on how to get started with natural conversations about bodies.

You will learn how to:

  • Satisfy your child’s curiosity about bodies without giving them too much information (and over sexualising them).
  • Talk to your child about the differences between bodies (so they don’t undertake their own investigations by exploring with their little friends).
  • Maintain control over how much information is given to your child (choose images that range from simplistic to highly detailed).
  • Have shame-free conversations about bodies that feel natural (instead of awkward).
  • Start teaching body safety so that your child understands their genitals are private (and what to do when someone touches them inappropriately). 

Empower your child with body knowledge now by grabbing these diverse child-friendly illustrations NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: This resource was formerly known as 'Let's Look at Different Body Parts'.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Suitable for children aged 3-14 years.

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This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Is this resource right for me?

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts gives you control over how much information you give your child about their private body parts (or genitals).

It includes individual illustrations that range from very simplistic to highly detailed. That way, you can handpick the illustration that is most suitable for you and your child. If they need more detail, then you just show them the illustration with more details. It’s that simple!

What if my child is circumcised? Or intact?

That is the beauty of this resource, as it includes penises with and without a foreskin. So you can choose what type of penis to show your child.

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts celebrates diversity in bodies. So you will find lots of diversity in the bodies inside it, including the genitals.

How do I use this resource?

You will find suggestions inside Let’s Look at Different Body Parts on how to use them, with conversation starters and different topics included.

Some parents will print them out and staple them together as a book for their child to freely look at. Some parents will sit down with their child and start a conversation about how bodies are similar but different.

Some parents will bring them out to show their children as they ask questions about bodies.

I even had some parents message me to say that their children loved them so much that they had taped them to the walls in their playroom!

How will this transaction appear on my bank or credit card statement?

Your purchase will be 100% private. It will show on your statement as a payment to Cath Hakanson (not Sex Ed Rescue).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason W.
Making it easier!

I absolutely love this. This has helped me talk to my young children about different body parts, it also opens up conversation about body types. Everyone is different and I want my kids to know that! I definitely plan to purchase more in the future to help me as my kids grow.

Very informative and helpful

These really helped explain things to my kids, loved the range of detail and the diversity in the pictures

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