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Worrying Sexual Behaviours

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You’re a thoughtful parent. And you’re devoted to guiding your kids through their sexual development to a safe and happy adulthood.  But right now, you’re worried that it isn’t going exactly to plan…. 

If you’ve noticed your child participating in (or instigating) sexual behaviours, you might be considering whether to seek help. Want to get answers? In this crash course you can learn about ‘worrying’ sexual behaviour in different age ranges.

With many years of experience in sexual health and nursing, Cath Hakanson has seen it all. She’ll disclose what you should expect – and when to start worrying – for children aged 0-18. 

What you'll learn:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes problematic sexual behaviours in children, and learn how to differentiate them from normal curiosity or exploration.
  • Learn effective strategies and techniques to intervene and address problematic sexual behaviours in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.
  • Improve communication skills to create a safe and open environment where children feel comfortable discussing sexual topics and seeking guidance when needed.
  • Gain knowledge on how to establish and reinforce boundaries and teach children about consent, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent problematic sexual behaviours by promoting healthy attitudes towards sexuality and fostering positive relationships with children.
  • … and where to find the resources to help you. 

“I’ve been working in sexual health for a very long time,” says Cath. “And something that has really stood out to me is that the kids who have a parent supporting them, and get the right professional help (if it’s needed), turn out all right in the end!” 

If your main goal is to support your child, you’re in exactly the right place. This crash course is essential viewing for anyone whose child has started to experiment with sexual behaviours, alone or with others. And are feeling worried. 

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You have lifetime access to everything.

This resource is free because I don't want money to stop you from accessing the guidance you need.

Plus this is a resource that many parents find because their question was declined in that parent group. And it just doesn't feel right to sell it, when I couldn't help you in that group.

✔️ 68 minute online video with captions

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Is this a live class I need to attend?

No - this is a recording of a training.

The recording has been broken down into shorter lessons, approx 3-9 minutes long. 

Each lesson includes a video, a text summary and captions.

Does my child watch this training, or me, or both of us?

This crash course is for parents to watch, without their child.

How do I access the crash course?

When you complete your purchase, you’ll be sent an email with the access details. You can access the crash course from any device with an Internet connection.

How long does the masterclass take to complete?

You’ll need between 60 to 90 minutes to watch the training, or you can watch in multiple shorter sittings, as the class has been broken up into short lessons.

How will this transaction appear on my bank or credit card statement?

Your purchase will be 100% private. It will show on your statement as a payment to Cath Hakanson.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
best accidental help ive ever received

I got Worrying Sexual Behaviors because a friend of mine was having issues with her children and I was doing some research to help her. Not only did this help her maneuver this very tricky situation from start to finish in the most healthy way possible, I learned so much right along with her and am so thankful that this exists. We live in America where information like this is hard to come by. I am so incredibly thankful to have access to all of the material on Sex Ed Shop. My daughters and I are so comfortable discussing anything and everything, I cannot begin to explain how important this is when you are a parent trying to break generational cycles. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Worrying Sexual Behaviours

Such a valuable resource!

Great overview of child sexual development. Never had exposure to this type of knowledge. Now I know what to expect and what to look out for. Extremely valuable content and helpful tips for talking to our kids too!

Easy peasy

I've been following and reading a lot about how to better educate my kids about sex and everything that goes into it. I love the approach, the simplicity it brings to having these conversations and adds a layer of comfort for me too.

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