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Understanding & Responding to Masturbation


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We want our kids to grow up into sensitive and sexually aware adults… and sometimes that involves REALLY difficult conversations. But don’t worry. Experienced sex educator Cath Hakanson comes to the rescue!

This 70-minute video crash course will leave you feeling comfortable and confident about raising the subject of masturbation with your child.

What you'll learn:

  • Create a safe space for your child to ask questions about their bodies and sexual development.
  • Promote a healthy understanding of self-exploration and personal boundaries.
  • Encourage open and honest communication with your child about the sensitive topic of masturbation.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to address masturbation without shame or embarrassment.
  • Instil a positive body image and foster healthy sexual development in your child (as well as protect them from inappropriate sexual touch).
  • Navigate conversations about masturbation with confidence and sensitivity.
  • ... and where to find the resources to help you. 

Want to talk about genitals and pleasure with respect and dignity? Buy now for lifetime access – and be totally prepared for this very sticky subject!

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

✔️ 70 minute online video with captions

✔️ Instant, lifetime access

✔️ Watch

✔️ Read

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✔️ Listen on your go-to podcast player

✔️ Bite sized videos

✔️ Individual audio answers to parent FAQ

✔️ BONUS: Ongoing support and space to share in my customer-only Facebook group

STEP 1: Buy the Crash Course

Click the button below to access the checkout page, where you’ll complete your personal and payment information

STEP 2: Crash Course Access Details Arrive In Your Inbox

An email will be automatically sent to you with a link to access the training, and any log-in details you need.

STEP 3: Watch At Your Own Pace

You have lifetime access to the video recording, audio podcast feed, printables, helpful links and resources.

Is this a live class I need to attend?

No - this is a recording of a crash course.

The recording has been broken down into shorter lessons, approx 5-28 minutes long. 

Each lesson includes a video, a text summary and captions.

You’ll also have access to a private podcast feed version of the training, which means you can listen via your mobile phone.

Does my child watch this crash course, or me, or both of us?

This crash course is for parents to watch, without their child.

How do I access the crash course?

When you complete your purchase, you’ll be sent an email with the access details. You can access the crash course from any device with an Internet connection.

How long does the crash course take to complete?

You’ll need between 2½ to 3 hours to watch the training, or you can watch in multiple shorter sittings, as the video has been broken up into short lessons.

How will this transaction appear on my bank or credit card statement?

Your purchase will be 100% private. It will show on your statement as a payment to Cath Hakanson.

I have one more question...

Click on the bright pink 'Message Me' button (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and ask me!

30-day no hassle money back guarantee

The success of my business depends on the happiness of my customers.

If after watching the crash course you don’t feel like you’ve got enough value for the price you paid, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

You have 30-days from the date of your purchase to request your refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thank goodness for Cath at SexEd Rescue

Cath has provided invaluable insight & signposting for a really tricky situation! I’d be a hysterical hot mess without her guidance & support. I am so grateful for her work in this field!
Buy the course. It’s money well spent.
There’s a clue in the name, “SexEd rescue”. Cath really is the SexEd safety net for bewildered patents.

Helpful information, but inconsistent in one major area.

I found the masterclass to be thorough and centered on developing a healthy sense of autonomy and self-exploration for children. One aspect that was confusing was that Cath repeatedly went over the importance of kids understanding that masturbation is something that they must only do in private- which I agree, is critical- yet she also said that kids masturbating with each other is totally normal and "okay" so long as they aren't touching each other. While curiosity and exploration might be developmentally expected, children need clear and consistent boundaries around privacy so that they are not vulnerable to sexual abuse by peers or adults.

Hi Ariel, and thanks for bringing that up! I have gone back into the Masterclass and have found what you are referring to.
There is a section (WHO masturbates and how this behaviour changes as your child grows up - What is developmentally appropriate behaviour?) that talks about the sexual behaviours a child may display as they grow up.
I have used a European tool and they explain that children may want to masturbate with others, and if they do it is seen as being developmentally approriate behaviour, as long as they are only masturbating themselves and not touching other people's penises.
So... this is where it starts to get confusing, as just because a behaviour is seen as being age-appropriate, it doesn't mean that we let them keep on doing it. We would discourage it and ensure they know it is a private thing (not public).
I'll jump into the Masterclass and add a note into this section of the readable notes.
I hope this makes sense! Cheers, Cath

Excellent advice from an expert

I loved Cath’s class because it gave me permission to lean into my instincts and relax around some of the things that were coming up in my household. I also greatly appreciated how much explicit attention Cath gave to neurodivergent children. She even provided more resources to follow up with if I chose to (which I did). Her class had made my life much easier. Very accessible in many different formats and I can easily share with my husband. Thank you, Cath!

Let the fun times begin!

I purchased this resource to educate myself after my 5 yo discovered that shower stream feels nice down there. The next day the conversation was so easy for me, I knew what to say and how much detail to give. Cath’s language is accessible down to earth Aussie, I felt like I was sitting across her talking about it.
I’ve purchased other items from her store and
reading/watching them felt more at ease with the most difficult conversations around sex and bodies. I would recommend Cath and her knowledge for anyone wanting to provide their children with the right/accessible information so they can thrive in life confident in their bodies and loving themselves. Thank you Cath. You’ve made my job as a mum much easier.

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