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Affiliate Terms

Sex Ed Rescue Affiliate Program

Sex Ed Rescue is proud to offer an affiliate program whereby third party businesses, bloggers or influencers are able to work to promote our brand and make a commission by driving sales to our website. In order to become an affiliate of Sex Ed Rescue we require you to read the following Terms & Conditions. Once you have begun acting as an affiliate, we will assume you have read our Terms and are thereby bound by them at all times while working with our brand in your capacity as an affiliate.


The Sex Ed Rescue Affiliate program is run by GetAffPro. In order to act as an affiliate you will be required to complete an application form. Once you have joined you will have an option to select Sex Ed Rescue and obtain affiliate links to use on your platforms when promoting any of our products. Affiliates are welcome to promote our brand in any way they choose. Some ideas have been posted on our website under the affiliate program link.


Your personal affiliate link will be responsible for driving traffic to our website. This can be incorporated into your platforms in any way you choose. Links can be used to take customers to the Sex Ed Rescue main page, online store, a particular product or a popular blog post.


Commission amounts are as follows:- 30% commission on all products. Sex Ed Rescue will only be liable to pay commissions in the event that your promotion of our product is successful. In order to gain a commission, a third party must be directed to our website through your affiliate link. So long as you are the first affiliate link that a customer clicks you will receive any commission that results from that customer’s purchase, regardless of any other separate affiliate links that they use. This is the case for up to 60 days, as your link will be stored as a Cookie on your customer’s server. Should the customer clear their Cookie memory or purchase from a separate device your commission may be lost to another affiliate if their link is used subsequently to yours. Payments will be made through PayPal. It is therefore a requirement that all affiliates have an active and valid PayPal account. Sex Ed Rescue will not be liable to make payments any other way should there be any issues with your PayPal account.


As an affiliate of Sex Ed Rescue you are a representative of our brand and are therefore encouraged to promote and represent our brand wherever possible. You are not permitted to represent in any way that Sex Ed Rescue has any further association with your business, beyond the affiliate program, nor are you permitted to make claims that we in turn endorse your brand, opinions or products. Furthermore, you are prohibited from representing yourself as an owner/member/employee or official spokesperson of Sex Ed Rescue.


This document comprises the whole of our Terms & Conditions, which govern our affiliate program from a Sex Ed Rescue perspective. For further information, please see the Terms & Conditions for both GoAffPro and PayPal. Sex Ed Rescue is not responsible for the Terms & Conditions, practices or policies of either GoAffPro or PayPal.

These Terms are current as of September 2023.

Affiliate Declaration

Please be aware that Sex Ed Rescue may receive compensation or some other benefit from affiliate third parties in exchange for featuring brand advertising or sponsored products on our website. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Sex Ed Rescue is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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