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Hi there, and thanks for your interest in  the Sex Ed Rescue/Sex Ed Shop Affiliate Program.  

If you have a website, write a blog or regularly connect with parents with children of all ages, then my products are relevant to your audience and could be a great complement to what you already offer. Keep on reading to find out more!

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is basically where you share my products (through a special link)  with your audience, and if they buy something, you receive a commission.  

So you might write a blogpost about how to talk to your child about the birds and bees, and you’ll then link to my printable, The Parents’ Guide to Explaining Sex, which tells parents how to explain sex to their child. Maybe you’re looking for some products to list on your resources page on your website. Or you run workshops, and you want to sell some books at the back of the room (whilst parents are fired up and feeling ready to start talking).

If someone clicks your special link and then buys a product you will then receive a commission. It’s that simple, and pretty easy to set up!

GoAffPro is the platform that I use for this program.

What is the Sex Ed Rescue/Sex Ed Shop Affiliate Program?

This is how the Sex Ed Rescue/Sex Ed Shop Affiliate Program works:

  • 30% commission on eProducts ie printables and online courses.
  • Custom Discount codes (automatically set at 20% but this can be customised)
  • Commission is rewarded to the first affiliate to refer, which means that if you are the FIRST affiliate link a potential customer clicks, YOUR link sticks (even if they click another Sex Ed Rescue/Sex Ed Shop affiliate link AFTER yours ).
  • 60 day Cookie life (as long as the potential customer has not cleared their cookies or they don’t use a different device to purchase… which is what happens with ALL affiliate programs).
  • Monthly payments via Paypal (you will need a Paypal account). Payments will not be made until the 30 day return policy has lapsed eg affiliate sales from September will be paid out in early November.

How to join

Getting started is pretty easy.

Click here to apply and I’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

How to promote products

The most effective way to sell affiliate products is by creating engaging content on your blog and website and leveraging social media platforms. For instance, I promote affiliate products on my blog and to my newsletter audience when it’s relevant and in a way that’s helpful to my reader. And I also leverage different social media platforms depending on the product. Here’s a few ideas that have been really effective for current affiliates:

  • Write an honest review of one of the products. Go into depth about how you felt before you purchased the ebook and how it’s helped you now that you’re on the other side and have implemented the strategies outlined.
  • Send a dedicated email to your email subscribers promoting the product/s. Share your own experience and opinion on it. 
  • List the products on the Resources page on your website.
  • Promote on Pinterest, on your boards and also in group boards. You can also loop them through Tailwind so that you’re not having to constantly repin the image to your boards.
  • Promote on your social media platforms. Just make sure you’re following the rules of those platforms or groups, and declare if it is an affiliate link.
  • Mention the products in relevant posts. Go back over old posts and add your affiliate link to relevant posts. Also include the link in any relevant posts you promote from now on. 

Products to promote

You can find all my sex education products here.  They include printables and online courses.

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