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The SOS Call


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On those days when parenting finds you trembling in a corner… send an SOS to the parent’s emergency service.

We don’t know why nobody has thought of it before. The SOS service is designed for parents who need to talk to a sexual health expert – stat.

Founder of Sex Ed Rescue and multi-qualified nurse, sexual health therapist and educator, Cath Hakanson is an expert on sexual health, birth, and relationships. She’s seen everything (twice). And she’s here to help you navigate stormy weeks and months in your parenting journey, with a steady hand and a sensible outlook.

It happens to all of us. Who’s ready to deal with teenage STIs, relationship catastrophes, or unexpected pregnancy?  Fortunately, you don’t need all the answers – with reassurance in your ability, you’ll get through this.

When you book an SOS call, you get a 4-hour window of time. It’s a service for busy parents who want clear, experienced guidance in 3 simple steps.

  • Install Voxer
  • Book a half-day
  • Send and receive voice or text messages – whatever you like best.

Difficult day? Not any more. Book your SOS session now.

To get started...

Click the 'Book Now' Button above and it will redirect you to a form with my available dates and payment. Fill out the form, and if there isn't a suitable time, email me straight away with what works and I'll fit you in.

I am hopeless at adjusting my calendar for 'parenting stuff', so sometimes I may need to change your appointment because I forget to block out some time slots. If that happens, I'll give you plenty of notice.

To learn more about how my Voxer calls work, please scroll down the page to learn more.

What times do you have available?

Click here to have a look at the times that are available. If you can't see an available time, just message me and I will see what I can do.

How will we be talking?

We’ll be talking through Voxer, which is an app you can download to your phone. It works just like FaceBook Messenger as you can send voice and text messages. 

And it is super easy to use!

How does an SOS Call work?

You’ll look at the calendar, book a time that works and pay. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the instructions.

You’ll also receive a reminder a day before your SOS Call, as well as an hour before we start.

If you want to check out how it may work, click this link to see how it works and say hello to me!

What if we're in different timezones?

I live in Australia but work with parents from all over the world, which means I know how important it is to have a time that works for you. So I have put aside a couple of days a week where I work a 16 hour day, which means there should be a timeslot that works for you. If there isn’t a time to suit, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

PS. Working a 16 hour day might sound crazy but that is why I love this format so much. As it means I can still cook dinner, walk the dog and spend time with my family, whilst talking to you. I am lucky enough to be doing something I love, and I actually look forward to these calls (believe it or not!).

None of the dates (or times) available work for me...

Don’t worry. Click on the bright pink 'Message Me' button (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and we’ll figure something out.

What if I need to reschedule?

Life happens (especially with kids), and I get it!

You can reschedule up to 12 hours before our call. Just use the link in the reminder. You can reschedule as many times as you need. However please keep in mind, that you have to use your “SOS Call” within 2 months of the original booking.

What topic isn't a good fit for an SOS Call?

Pretty much anything is good for a SOS Call. If you're unsure, click on the bright pink 'Message Me' button (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen), briefly fill me in and I'll let you know ASAP.

How much time is included in an SOS Call?

You’ll have me “on call” for 4 hours… starting from whatever time you choose.

Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we’ll be communicating nonstop for the full 4 hours. That’s just the window during which we’ll be exchanging messages.

Do I have to start on time?

Not at all. If you have already messaged me on Voxer, I will message you at the start of our time together. You can respond whenever it’s convenient for you.x

How available do I need to be for an SOS Call?

During an SOS Call, we’ll be exchanging messages at a slow yet steady pace (that you will dictate) throughout our time together.

Voxer is a voice & text messaging app. We won’t see each other, so you can show up however you want. If you are working with kids or pets around, that’s fine too. This is flexible and very REAL LIFE friendly and that’s why I love it!

How quickly will you respond to me?

I try to respond right away but it also depends on what I have going on that day (if my kids are at home with me, if I’m running errands, working on my business, etc.). The goal is to always remain as present as possible.

I will make myself available during the 4 hours you choose. In general, you can anticipate a response time to your message within 5-30 minutes. I will be living my work and parenting life so at times I may be popping in and out. But it’s my goal to keep responses speedy so you can keep progressing!

is it private?

We’ll be having a private conversation ie just you and me. So it is very different to a group chat with other people.

Is Voxer free?

Yes, it is. And it’s available for both mobile and desktop.

 I have one more question...

Click on the bright pink 'Message Me' button (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and ask me!

30-day no hassle money back guarantee

The success of my business depends on the happiness of my customers.

If you don’t feel like you’ve got enough value for the price you paid, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

You have 30-days from the date of your purchase to request your refund.

Customer Reviews

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Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your kids and sexuality?

When it comes to sex and kids – your kids – no matter what the issue; big, small or what the ?!#

One thing’s for sure:

You’ll probably feel discomfort, shame and embarrassment.

While these feelings are completely normal, they are a big barrier to getting the answers you need. And not getting the answers you need, means important conversations with kids happen too late, or not at all.

And while you don’t know what the solution is, just yet…

You certainly know what the answer isn’t!!!!!!

❌ Weekly sessions with an ‘expert’ that costs you an absolute fortune 

❌ A zoom call with multiple interruptions from your kids or done late at night when they’re asleep (and you’re exhausted) 

❌ Sticking your head in the sand, pretending there isn’t a problem and hoping it will sort itself out

You (of course) know better than that!

You KNOW you need support to figure out what’s going on & to come up with a solution. As well as put an end to feeling anxious and confused.

But when you look around for solutions, it’s not quite what you need.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could…

✔️ Get clarity on the problem and understand why it’s happening

✔️ Understand what is normal, what’s not and what you can do 

✔️ Find the right people, resources and support should you need it 

✔️ Know which conversation to have with your child and how to initiate it 

✔️ Replace anxiety with understanding and peace of mind 

✔️ Put a plan in place if needed 

✔️ Get the perspective and strategies you need, fast

Well… I have some good news for you…

That’s exactly what you get when you book an SOS Call 😀

  • Amara

    My SOS Call was exactly what I needed. You helped me to brainstorm and think about other ways to handle a frustrating thing that my 4 year old is doing.

  • Evelyn

    I knew I’d get my questions answered but I didn’t realize that Cath would take the time to go into depth with my concerns and really try to come up with solutions and a plan tailored to my family. I felt like we were a team and not her just telling me what to do!

  • Sandra

    It was really easy to use and a practical way to engage. I found it great that I could return back to check links and so on. Your content and answers were amazing and so helpful.

When you book an SOS Call, what you’re really getting is…

✔️ Non-judgemental support from a sexuality expert who has helped thousands of parents from all over the world and understands your struggle.

✔️ The clarity you need so you can break free from the overwhelm you’ve been feeling and bring joy back into parenting.

✔️ Insights from a sex educator, nurse, sex therapist, clinician and parent who has walked the walk and gets that what works for one family may not work for you.

cath hakanson photograph

Why I am the best person to help you

Hey, I'm Cath

The person you’ll be chatting with after booking this.

As a sex educator, nurse, sex therapist and clinician, I’ve been talking to people about sex, particularly parents, since the early ’90s. People are often referred to me directly from child protection agencies, family planning bodies, schools, nurses… with questions that are “too hard” or don’t have “easy answers”.

And I’m very (very) good at making sense of sex, sexuality and kids in ways that help parents get the information, strategies and support they need.

I work with parents from all over the world which means I can help you to come up with solutions that work for your values and beliefs.

My SOS Calls are specially designed for the parent feeling some anxiety or confusion over a particular issue relating to kids and sex.

They are a confidential (and private) one-on-one coaching session, which means:

⭐ It’s not sex therapy (though I’ve worked in this area in the past)

⭐ It’s not counselling (though I have the skills)

⭐ It’s primary focus is on getting to the heart of the problem and arming you with the right solutions, correct understanding and right resources

  • Jenny

    I appreciated that it wasn’t a rushed one hour call as I knew that I had 4 hours to pick your brain. So when I disappeared to cook dinner and feed my kids, it was super easy to pick up the conversation where I had left off!

  • Noni

    I loved it! I appreciated the flexibility of both timing and the voice/text options.

  • Deanna

    Okay firstly, that was really cool, each of those individual voice messages played one after another without me doing anything and kept playing while I searched our local library website. A definite plus for usability!

SOS Calls are here!

SOS Calls are a little different to what you’re used to seeing. Instead of using Zoom to meet, we’ll be using Voxer to have our conversation.


What’s Voxer?

Put simply, Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages. If you already know how to communicate through a messaging app (like What’sApp or FaceBook Messenger), then you can use Voxer. It’s super easy to use.

Here’s how an SOS Call works:

1. You’ll  get to choose a day & start time + Book the call

Believe it or not, you won’t need to free up time on your calendar for this. There will be no being glued to your phone for half a day. Meaning it’s parent-friendly. Allowing you to get the help you need without having to press PAUSE on your day.

2. You’ll set up a FREE Voxer account

If you don’t already have a Voxer account, you’ll create one – it’s free and in your App store.

We’ll add each other on Voxer, and you can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what’s troubling you. This way, we can dive right in when your SOS Call starts.

3. When your time comes, you’ll have access to me for 4 hours

I will send you a message to kick off your SOS Call. You can respond whenever it’s convenient for you and we will go back and forth from there.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a 4 hour conversation!

You’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies. Nobodies got time for that!

We’ll be exchanging messages at a steady yet relaxed pace. 

The best thing about an SOS Call is that we have space in between messages to think things over. Unlike a call where you need to answer right away.

That’s part of what makes an SOS Call so effective.

What can we talk about during the day?

Here are some ideas based on what others have talked to me about…

⭐ Encountered a problem relating to their child’s sexuality or development and they don’t know what’s normal, what’s cause for alarm and what to do about it.

⭐ Need to talk to their child about online porn they’ve viewed, but don’t know where to begin.

⭐ Have been sexually abused themselves and are experiencing anxiety around sex education now they have kids of their on.

⭐ Are worried about passing on their own negativity, fears or shame about sex to their own child.

⭐ Are feeling confused about how to deal with a specific issue relating to kids and sex.

⭐ Want to be better prepared for talking to their kids about sex.

Ready to book your SOS Call?

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The SOS Call


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