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T&C - Masterclasses

All information contained in this Masterclass is given on the simple basis of sharing information. It is not in any way intended or disseminated as a substitute for professional medical information or advice. If you are worried or unsure about the sexual behaviours in your child you should seek the help of a qualified health professional or doctor. The relationship between Cath Hakanson and her customers does not give rise to any professional medical or legal obligations. We attempt to provide correct, accurate and current information at all times, however no assurance or guarantee is made to this effect.

Any mention of products or resources in this Masterclass should be taken as general guidance and information. We make no warranties/ assurances/ guarantees or otherwise as to the reliability or effectiveness of any product or informational resource that we recommend. When using third party products or resources we always advise checking and abiding by the terms and conditions made available through these additional sources. We do not take any responsibility for consequences that may arise from using products or resources that we mention or recommend in this Masterclass.

The Sex Ed Shop & Sex Ed Rescue publishers will not take any liability or responsibility for any consequences that may derive from taking the advice given in this Masterclass. It is intended as general advice only and is not tailored to you as an individual. If you choose to utilise any advice given, it is done so at your own risk and you are fully responsible for any ramifications or consequences that may occur. If you require individually tailored advice please seek the help of a qualified medical or other professional.

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