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Let’s Look at Different Body Parts

Anatomically-correct cartoon images of the whole human body (including the genitals)

Suitable for parents, carers and guardians of children aged 3 to 12 years

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Are you...

❓ Wanting to teach your child the names for their private body parts but you’re unsure what words to teach them?

❓ Uncomfortable because your child is VERY curious about the differences between boy and girl bodies, and they’re now wanting to closely inspect your bits too?

❓ Worried because you’ve caught your child and their little friend quietly giggling in the bedroom as they closely inspect each other’s genitals?

❓ Disillusioned with all the children’s books as they lack diversity and either provide too much information or not enough and you can’t find a book that is just right?

Then you will love this resource as it contains a range of child-friendly cartoon illustrations of the human body that you can pick and choose from.

These illustrations will help you to:

✔️ Satisfy your child’s curiosity about bodies without giving them too much information (and over sexualising them).

✔️ Talk to your child about the differences between male and female bodies (so they don’t undertake their own investigations by exploring with their little friends).

✔️ Maintain control over how much information is given to your child (choose images that range from simplistic to highly detailed).

✔️ Have shame-free conversations about bodies that feel natural (instead of awkward).

✔️ Start teaching body safety so that your child understands their genitals are private (and what to do when someone touches them inappropriately).

The perfect resource for teaching kids the correct names of their private parts & for satisfying curiosity about the human body

This resource includes:

  • 26 anatomically correct illustrations that are diversity-friendly and representative of children of all abilities.
  • Illustrations of the genitals that range from simplistic to detailed so you can give your child the right amount of information for them.
  • Labelled illustrations so you don’t need to worry about memorising the names of every individual part.
  • Child-friendly definitions so you can describe the individual parts to your child if they’re curious.
  • Parent Guide with suggestions on how to get started with natural conversations about bodies.
  • Printable  PDF files that are easy to download and print.
  • BONUS: Exclusive invite to my parent community – my private student FaceBook group where I will help you with sex education.
  • BONUS: Additional images of anatomically bodies (this printable is being turned into a book with a wider array of diverse child and adult bodies that will 🤞 hopefully be published by December 2023)

Teaching kids the anatomical names of their private parts has never been easier!



A4 PDF to download to your phone, computer or tablet, and/or print at home.

✔️ Digital copy

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Questions you might have...

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts gives you control over how much information you give your child about their private body parts (or genitals). It includes individual illustrations that range from very simplistic to highly detailed. That way, you can handpick the illustration that is most suitable for you and your child. If they need more detail, then you just show them the illustration with more details. It’s that simple!

That is the beauty of this resource, as it includes penises with and without a foreskin. So you can choose what type of penis to show your child.

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts celebrates diversity in bodies. So you will find lots of diversity in the bodies inside it, including the genitals.

Yep, I agree! I still feel embarrassed at times, when my kids ask me certain questions about sex. But the more that you talk, the easier it gets! Plus Let’s Look at Different Body Parts includes some ideas on how to get past the embarrassment of talking about sex with kids.

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts is written for children aged from 3 to 12 years. The illustrations are styled as cartoons but with enough detail to satisfy a child's curiosity. Plus some illustrations are more detailed than others, so you can choose which illustration to share with your child.

Not to your kids, you won’t! The first conversation is always the hardest but the Parents' Guide to Private Body Parts provides tips on how to sound more natural.

You will find suggestions inside Let’s Look at Different Body Parts on how to use them, with conversation starters and different topics included.

Some parents will print them out and staple them together as a book for their child to freely look at. Some parents will sit down with their child and start a conversation about how bodies are similar but different.

Some parents will bring them out to show their children as they ask questions about bodies.

I even had some parents message me to say that their children loved them so much that they had taped them to the walls in their playroom! (🤣 I can just imagine the look of horror on Grandma's face when she sees them on her next visit!)

If you feel like you didn’t get enough value for your money, then let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

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Satisfy your child’s curiosity about bodies (and how they differ) with these child-friendly cartoon images

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