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layout of what's inside the porn talk course


The Porn Talk Course

Equip yourself to confidently, safely and regularly talk about porn with your child or teen

Suitable for parents, carers and guardians of children aged 3-15+

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How do you want your kids to learn about love, sex and relationships?

I’m guessing it’s not from pornography and giggly conversations with their friends?

You might be worried that raising the topic of porn will push your kids to look at it, when maybe they would’ve stayed innocent a little longer. You might be thinking it’s safer to say nothing.

But porn is a part of everyday life, and it’s a matter of when not if your kid will see it.

Porn is influencing our kids and we need to get comfortable talking about it.

The Porn Talk Course can help you do this in a way that builds connection with your child or teen. 

This isn’t about having one big conversation with your child about porn – that would be very awkward and totally pointless because they wouldn’t take in what you’re saying, and they’ll forget about it within a few weeks.

This course will help you comfortably and confidently integrate these conversations into your life, so you can:

✔️ Empower your child to make informed choices around porn – so that when they stumble upon it (via a friend, by accident, or through their own research) they know what it is, and they can make smart decisions.

✔️ Open up communication with your child so they can come to you with their questions or worries (rather than friends, Google or online forums).

✔️ Help them develop healthy expectations about love, sex and relationships (instead of this being‘informed’by porn).

layout of what's inside the porn talk course


The Porn Talk Course

Equip yourself to confidently, safely and regularly talk about porn with your child or teen

Suitable for parents, carers and guardians of children aged 3-15+
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Who Developed The Porn Talk Course? 

Hi, I’m Cath Hakanson – qualified sexual health nurse, author, speaker & the founder of Sex Ed Rescue. 

I help parents to find a better way to talk about sex, so they can empower their kids to make smart sexual decisions.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped thousands of parents not just start these conversations, but to keep on having them.

And I created this course because of the huge number of parents reaching out for my help with talking (to their kids) about porn.

I get it – it’s a conversation you’d rather not have, and your parents most likely weren’t open to discussing this with you when you were growing up.

And maybe if you stay quiet, your child will never consider looking at porn, and they’ll live their entire lives completely unaffected by it (you know that’s not going to happen right?).

But the availability and variety of porn is much greater now than it was 20 or 30 years ago and we need to equip our young people with the skills and awareness to navigate this.

If you don’t have these conversations with your kids, someone else will (usually their poorly-informed friends) or they’ll seek answers through search engines and online forums.

What’s Included In The Porn Talk Course

porn talk course modules on a computer screen

9 Topic-Focused Modules 

Each module includes at least one video and often has an exercise linked to it (available in the accompanying workbook).

The Modules:

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Why you need to talk about porn

The sort of porn your child may be exposed to, when, where, how, and why it’s important to have these conversations.

Get past your fears

What could stop you from having these important conversations about porn  (your fears and doubts) and how to get past these roadblocks.

Get more comfortable talking about porn and sex

Explore your own relationship with porn & sex so that even if the topic makes you uncomfortable, you can still talk with your child without feeling too embarrassed, awkward or nervous.

Porn proof your child for the future

Discover 8 effective strategies to prepare, equip and empower your child to make smart decisions when faced with porn.

Talk to your child about porn

Start talking to your child about porn in ways that feel natural, not awkward. Includes age-appropriate guidance for ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14 and 15+.

Support a child who has already seen porn

Get into the right headspace so you can talk to your child about what they’ve seen and support them how to manage these situations in the future. We talk about different approaches before puberty (when sex is seen as a weird adult thing) and after puberty (when sex is seeming a lot more appealing).

How to keep porn an ongoing conversation

12 different strategies for starting conversations so whether you’ve got a curious questioner, or a subject-avoider, you’ll have a number of options.

How to explain sex to your child

Haven’t had the sex talk with your child yet? This section has got you covered, with guidance for ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15+.

Plan a talk that feels natural (not awkward) 

7 steps to plan a conversation in advance, whether that’s your first ever conversation about porn or sex, or when there’s something in particular you want to discuss.

checklist and workbook pages for the porn talk course

Printable PDF Workbook & Checklist

Includes 14 activities that accompany the course content and help you apply what you’re learning. Plus a Checklist for keeping track of your progress.

course roadmap action plan on a laptop

Action Plan

This short intro video plus roadmap of course contents will give you an overview of the course, and help you dive into the sections you most need, whether you’re looking at the course for the first time, or heading back to it for a refresher.

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Additional Resources

  • Book list for a range of ages
  • Conversations starter scripts – 6 examples for younger kids, and 11 for older kids
  • List of terms and definitions – conversations are easier if you know all the lingo
  • Posters – age adjusted versions of a poster that reminds kids of the 3 steps they can take when exposed to porn
  • Dr Marty Klein’s 12-point porn literacy checklist of what tweens and teens need to know about porn
  • Short quiz to evaluate if porn is a problem for your teen (or even for yourself)
  • eBook with 40+ tips to remove the stress and pressure from Porn Talk conversations
  • 16-point checklist for teens about how porn can impact them and their relationships

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BONUS – Access to my exclusive online community

This forum provides a safe online space for you to share your questions and concerns, support and get support from other parents, and get additional insights from Cath. Your access starts as soon as you purchase the course.

How to use The Porn Talk Course

Whether you want to prepare yourself to instigate a conversation when you are ready, or circumstances dictate you need to start talking with your child about this right now, the approach is the same….

1. Start at the beginning to get an overview of the course.

2. Watch the first three modules which will give you a solid foundation.

3. Use the Action Plan to decide which modules you need to jump into next.

You can access the course 24/7 from any Internet-connected device.

And you have access for the lifetime of my business (which I’m planning to be a very long time).

And I think you’ll need that.

Because you’ll need to adapt as your child develops, your relationship with them evolves, and the friends and external influences they are exposed to changes.

Okay, I need this! What’s the cost?

screenshot of the porn talk course on a computer screen


The Porn Talk Course

Equip yourself to confidently, safely and regularly talk about porn with your child or teen

Suitable for parents, carers and guardians of children aged 3-15+

✔️ Lifetime access24/7 online access

✔️ 9 topic-focused modules

✔️ Printable workbook with 14 activities

✔️ Additional resource library

✔️ BONUS – Ongoing support in my exclusive online community


Questions you might have...

This course is very different to all the other courses out there. I believe that a 1 or 2 hour webinar or workshop is not enough to give parents the confidence to start talking to kids about porn. So this course is a deep dive into talking about porn (something you just can’t do in an hour). Where I’ll hold your hand and help you to get started with this difficult conversation.

This course will get you started whether you’ve talked to your child about porn (or not). Inside the course, we’ll look at the different ways to start the conversation. And if you’ve yet to talk about sex, then you’ll find a  training module on this inside the course. Plus there’s a lesson on how to talk to kids about porn without mentioning sex.

If your child has access to your phone or a handheld tablet, then it’s a conversation you need to have. But relax, inside the course I’ll be talking about how to have age-appropriate conversations with kids of all ages. Where we talk about how to stay safe without mentioning sex or porn. And the content inside is broken down into different age groups i.e. 3 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years, 9 to 11 years, 12 to 14 years and 15+.

Soft porn shows up in mainstream media so it’s a matter of when your child sees porn, not if! And the sooner you start the conversations, the easier they’ll get, and the safer your child will be.

Pardon my pun, but porn is a hard topic to talk about. This is why a whole section of the course is dedicated to helping you to feel more comfortable about porn and sex. The Porn Talk Course + Coaching may be the best option for you, as we’ll be able to unpick what’s making it so hard to have this conversation, plus the ongoing email support will help you keep the momentum going.

That can happen! And inside the course we’ll be talking about the different ways around this.

There is a whole section in the course that has been written specifically for parents in this situation. I’ll help you work out how best to respond in a way that will support your child  so that porn doesn’t become an ongoing problem.

We’ll cover that in the course. Plus if your child is younger,  I’ll show you how to talk about porn in a sex-free way.

You are not alone with this. Lots of parents worry that their child has a problem with porn. So in the course, we’ll look at how to work out whether porn is a problem (or not). And if it looks like it is, then I’ll help you find the next step on what to do so that your child feels in control and able to make smart decisions.

The opposite of mumbled, hurried and confusing.

This course will help you have porn-related conversations where:

  • You know why you’re talking – you have a clear intention in mind, you’re not just lecturing, scolding or talking out of a feeling of obligation
  • You’re able to move past your fears and leave those out of the conversation
  • You feel comfortable throughout the conversation able to respond to your child’s input or questions without trying to hurriedly shut the topic down.

When you’re able to communicate effectively around this topic, you’ll make your child feel more comfortable, which makes them more likely to come back to you when they need to, about this, and other sensitive personal matters in their life.

Click on the bright pink 'Message Me' button (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and ask me!

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