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The Sex Education Answer Book


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It seems like yesterday that they were a dribbly-nosed toddler trying to climb the stairs. Today, they’ve come home from school and asked, “Mum, what’s a blow job?” Quick. Stuff a biscuit in their mouth while you hunt for this book.

And breathe: inside, you’ll find all the answers. They’re organised by age (3 to 14) so you can flip to the right page before your child has a chance to pick up your phone and start Googling…

Author Cath Hakanson has over 25 years of experience as a nurse and therapist. She’s written the book so that every parent can start conversations about important things like body parts, privacy, and relationships. Her advice? “Start early and ease yourself in – it’s easier to have shorter, focused conversations. I’ll show you the right information to share at the right time.” 

The Sex Education Answer Book provides accurate, unbiased information including:

  • How to plan and give answers (and when you shouldn’t)
  • 200+ questions and answers – organised by age and topic
  • Sex, babies, puberty, body parts, relationships, pregnancy, masturbation, pornography and contraception – all explained in inclusive language.

Pick up this indispensable sex-ed reference today. When those awkward questions come, you’ll be ready!

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Suitable for parents of kids aged 3-14 years.

If you live in Australia, you can purchase a Paperback copy of this book here.

If you live elsewhere in the world, you can purchase a paperback copy of this book here.

✔️ A 152 page downloadable PDF that you can print at home or read on your device.

✔️ A downloadable ebook file that you can download onto your device and open with an eReader app OR save to your eReader device or Kindle.

NB. You can also access this book as a Paperback.

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This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Is this guide right for me?

The Sex Education Answer Book is for busy parents who want to know what they can say to their kids WITHOUT giving them too much information for their age.

It is for straight talking parents who want to provide their child with accurate information that they will understand. Parents who also want their kids to come to them with their questions (and not the internet or the schoolyard). Parents who are concerned about the impact of negative sexualised messages on their child.

If you believe that kids shouldn’t know words like vulva, penis or sex, then The Sex Education Answer Book isn’t for you. The Sex Education Answer Book is very direct and talks about sex in a way that children can understand and not misinterpret. It helps you to talk about the stuff that kids are curious about so that you can satisfy their curiosity (instead of igniting it).

But what if I am Catholic or LDS or Muslim or…?

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are as The Sex Education Answer Book just provides you with the facts. It doesn’t tell you what values you should be sharing with your kids. It is up to you to tell your child what behaviours and attitudes are okay and not okay. And don’t worry, The Sex Education Answer Book will help you to work out what values you want to share with your kids, so that your kids know what attitudes and behaviours are okay and not okay in your family. You’ll find prompts for adding your values.

But what if I believe in abstinence?

The Sex Education Answer Book will help you with sharing your beliefs about sexual activity with your child – regardless of what you believe in. If you want to have any influence on what your kids eventually do about sex (e.g. wait for marriage), then you need to start planting the seeds of what you believe in early for it to have any effect! So inside you’ll find prompts for talking about abstinence.

Also, there is a difference between abstinence and ignorance. If you want your child to abstain from sex, you will have much better success if they are empowered with accurate knowledge as well as have a parent they can turn to.

But it is just too embarrassing!

Yep, I agree! I still feel embarrassed at times, when my kids ask me certain questions about sex. But the more that you talk, the easier it gets! Plus The Sex Education Answer Book includes some ideas on how to get past the embarrassment of talking about sex with kids.

Are my kids too young?

The Sex Education Answer Book is written for children aged 3 and over, and is broken down into each age. So the information will be age-appropriate. And remember, we don’t just start talking to kids about sex. We break it down into simple concepts that they can understand and we talk about things that they are already interested in. For example, when your 4 year old asks where they come from, they just want to know that they came from inside your tummy (or uterus). They don’t want to know about penises going into vaginas – that is way too complicated for their little brains!

Also, in the modern world of today, kids will hear a lot of sexual stuff that they just aren’t ready for. The Sex Education Answer Book will show you how to talk about inappropriate stuff in an age-appropriate way!

What if I say too much?

The Sex Education Answer Book will give you just the right amount of information for your child. It even provides you with extra information, in case your child wants to know more! And you can always go up or down a year, if it feels like there is too much information!

What if my child repeats what I have said?

That can happen but The Sex Education Answer Book will tell you what to do so that you can prevent this from happening.

Won't I sound awkward?

Not to your kids, you won’t! The first conversation is always the hardest but The Sex Education Answer Book provides tips on how to sound more natural.

Haven't I left it a bit late?

Possibly, but it just means that it is even more important than ever that you start talking now with your child now. The Sex Education Answer Book will show you how to make amends and catch up!

 If I talk to my kids about sex, aren’t I just giving them permission to be sexual?

No, research tells us that it has the opposite effect. Kids that have had quality sex education are more likely to delay having sex, and when they do have sex, they are less likely to fall pregnant or catch an infection.

 I have one more question...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Highly recommend.
I found it has great tips on having a good conversation with my child.

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Valuable Resource

The sex education answer book provides a valuable resource for parents seeking guidance on a wide range of issues. Through a series of insightful questions posed by any parent and expert responses from the author, the book offers practical advice and evidence-based strategies for addressing common challenges in teaching kids about sex education.

Sex Education Answer Book - great resource

This has been a great resource so far - reading it has given me more confidence in the way I am already opening conversations with my kids and giving me more information and ideas to further those conversations.

Emma, thank you for leaving a review and congratulations! As you are the winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card for leaving a review this month! I have just emailed you!

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